The History of our Company

Pars Pamchal Chemical Co. (Public Joint Stock) was established in the early 1970s in Alborz Township/Ghazvin (The first Iranian industrial township created). The company, at its early days, started cooperating the Danish Sadolin Company in the paint sector and launched its first product under the Unico trademark. As a result of high standard levels targeted by the company to ensure full development in al areas of activity, the first modern resin plant was created, apart from the paint plant, in the company’s 40,000 square meter manufacturing unit with the objective to provide the feed of the paint plant as well to supply resin to other Iranian paint manufactures and to export the surplus. In parallel with these fields of activity, the company acquired the resin making knowhow from the American Ashland Resin Company, one of the most reputable resin making company in 1972. Upon purchase of a set of state-of-the-art resin making reactors from the German manufacture, our company became the leading Iranian resin maker. In keeping pace with the accelerated expansion of Iranian industrial and marine sectors from maid-1970s, our company acquired the knowhow for manufacturing specialized and marine paints from International Transaction; it became the first member of the said association and founded the Iranian industry of marine and protective paints. Last but not least, the company attained the first rank among the leading Iranian manufacturers of industrial, marine and building paints and resins in 1977 and achieved a sound reputation.
Currently Pars Pamchal Company taes pride in its annual output of 15,000 Mt of various kinds of specialized, protective and industrial paints, about 10,000 MT of paints used in building industry and 10,000 MT of various assortment of alkyd reins, drying and hardening agents as well as epoxy-based specialized resins which, in addition to meeting the domestic requirements, are exported too. Furthermore, we take pride in declaring that all the executive departments in our company are run and managed in a target-oriented manner and in keeping with the latest international standards and our strategic programs our being implemented accurately in all executive levels.
We would avoid ourselves of the opportunity to stress on the broad and keen attitude of our managers, our taking benefit of the invaluable experience and knowledge of experts and our personnel’s devoted and science endeavors which has won us the golden medal and ranking among the 100 leading manufacturers of specialized manufacturers of specialized coatings in the world.