Substructure Values of Pars Pamchal Company

(Public Joint Stock)

The values which will be our company’s professional substructure and exterior and interior performance method, and we know and commit to what we awarded to do today and in future for more commitment, the great connection circle is our honor and we are gratified to protect these connections.

This connection circle directs us to the union of great manufacturers of industrial and specialized colors and marine covers and we will protect this circle with all our efforts.

As an applied management, we commit to provide a performance with high standard.

Our professional behavior in international community describes our desire and executive purpose.

We believe that to be reliable and good publicity is evolved by each staffs’ collective behavior.

We hope this proclamation totally will be observed for translucence and values, respect, equity and honesty.

We never perform such deeds against society and environment’s benefit, healthy and safety. We accept the projects and work which are similar to our experiences, skills and abilities and doing these projects are feasible for us, and we protect the ownership right and information confidentiality which conveyed to us. We observe all edited policies, regulations and rules in countries which we work there.

We raise professional moral complaint when they conform to facts and evidences.

Our duty is respect to ourselves, others and the sources which conveyed to us that includes people’s fame, others’ safety, natural resources, and also we avoid the behaviors which people known as disrespect.

We encounter directly with people who have disagreement and differences with us and we judge fairly and negotiate with good intention and encounter impartially, without personal benefits, prejudice and biased advocating and never behave offensively with others.

We respect to others’ ownership rights and responsible against shareholders and decide clearly and we do not cancel or reject the contracts.

Our commitment is to understand the reality and honesty performance in our connections and behaviors, we provide accurate information in due time.

We undertake to be responsible and do honesty and accept all commitments and explicit or implicit promises with good intentions and we try to transfer safety feeling to others by telling truth.

We consider the others’ opinions and try to understand them, and as a supranational company, we help to developing of communities through establishing our business, making new jobs, paying tax and we have not any viewpoints to political groups and their representatives.