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Marine Paints

Marine Paints


Function Product Name Code    
Optima Transocean Optima Antifouling 230 Mixture of Polymer Antifouling
Optima Transocean Optima Antifouling 232
Optima Transocean Optima Antifouling 234
Optima Transocean Optima Antifouling 236
Longlife Transocean Longlife Antifouling 275
Longlife Transocean Longlife Antifouling 277
Cleanship Transocean Cleanship Antifouling 291
Cleanship Transocean Cleanship Antifouling 292
Cleanship Transocean Cleanship Antifouling 295
Cleanship Transocean Cleanship Antifouling 297
Speed ultra Transocean Cleanship Antifouling 7972
Armada Armada Antifouling 262 Silylacrylic Polymer
Primer Transogard Redoxide 112 Alkyd One Pack
Primer Transogard Chrome 121
Primer Transogard Primer 122
Primer Transogard Zinc Phosphate 124
Topcoat Transolac Undercoat 321
Topcoat Transolac Hold 410
Topcoat Teansolac Aluminium HR 511
Topcoat Transolac Machinery 531
Primer Transoprene SilverPrimer 126 Chlorinated Rubber
Topcoat Transopene Deck 451
Primer/Tiecoat Transvinyl Primer 148 Vinyl
Topcoat/Tiecoat Transvinyl Sealer 258
Topcoat Transvinyl Finish 348
Touch up Transozinc Silicon 152-57T Silicone
Topcoat Transosil Aluminum 516
Primer/Shop primer Transozinc Epoxy Primer 159 Epoxy
Primer/Tiecoat Transbarrier Vinyl 204 Vinyl Tar
Topcoat Transuniprene Finish 253 Modified Cholorinated Rubber
Topcoat Transunilac Finish 331 Modified Alkyd
Topcoat Transunilac Finish 332
Topcoat Transolac Varnish 381
Topcoat Transolac Deck 412
Intermediate/Topcoat Transmatt 540
Topcoat Transaluminum  411 Modified Resin
Ballast tank Transbarrier HB 498 Bituminous
Topcoat Transosil Finish 514 Acrylic Silicone
Topcoat Transacryl Finish 9353Series Acrylic
Concrete Etch Transocean Concrete Etch 002 Acidic Solution
Topcoat Transothane Finish 365 Acrylic Polyurethane Two Pack
Topcoat Transurethane Finish 343 Aliphatic Acrylic Polyurethane
Topcoat Polyyurethane Anti-dust 9343AD
Tank coating Transpoxy Tankguard 461 Epoxy Phenolic
Intermediate/Topcoat Transpoxy Tankguard 461H
Tank coating Transpoxy Tankguard 461S
Primer/Tiecoat Transpoxy Primer - Tiecoat 116 Epoxy
Primer Trancozinc Epoxy Primer 150
Primer Transozinc Epoxy Primer 155
Primer/Intermediate Transpoxy ZP Primer 161
Primer Transpoxy ZC Primer 163
Primer/Intermediate Transpoxy Master MiO Primer InterMediate 165
Primer/Intermediate Transpoxy MIO Coating 166
Primer Transpoxy Hydro Primer 170
Primer Transpoxy Uniprimer 171
Tiecoat/Sealer Transpoxy HS 206
Primer Transpoxy Tar AA 212
Intermediate Transpoxy Intermediate 219
Intermediate/Topcoat Transpoxy Intermediate High Solid 219HS
Primer Transpoxy ARC 222
Primer Transpoxy Glascote 440
Topcoat Transpoxy Finish 459
Topcoat Transpoxy Finish 460
Tank coating Transpoxy Guard 464
Primer Transpoxy Materbond Aluminium 466
Primer Transpoxy Masterbond 468
Topcoat Transpoxy Hydro Finish 470
Tank coating Transpoxy Solentv Free 474
Tank coating Transpoxy Solentv Free  474HG
Primer/Tiecoat Transpoxy Tiecoat - Primer 9116
Tiecoat/Sealer Transvinpox 9506
Primer Transpoxy Masterbond Aluminium 9566
Primer Transozinc Silicate 152 Ethyl Silicate
Primer Transozinc Silicate Solventborne 152S
Shop primer Transozinc Silicate Shopprimer 9153
Shop primer Transozinc Silicate Shopprimer 9153S
Primer Transurethane 113 Polyurrethane
Topcoat Transurethane Finish HB 344
Primer Transowash 100-80 PVB