Innovations in Resins

Taking due benefit of the state-of-the art technology to produce novel resins and to develop the products has always been one the most important objectives of Pars Pamchal Chemical Company. Indeed our R&D department defines and conducts, through an accurate and versatile approach, extensive researches in the area of creation of new resin making technology as well as that of allied compounds. On this basis, technical studies are made based on the latest scientific sources and taking into account the most recent requirements.
Formulation design and product manufacture on the laboratory scale are the next steps towards this objective. Last but not least, the new product can be to meet the marker requirement following conduction of regular and objective-oriented studies and improvement of properties.
Silicon-epoxy and silica-epoxy resins are new innovations by our R&D department which are produced on a research level. These products are currently investigated at the laboratory scale and will be marketed soon.