Innovations in Paint


The R&D department in Pars Pamchal Chemical Company is a forerunner and avant-garde department attaching much importance to permanent upgrading and development of its paints which keep pace with the customer’s requirements and state-of-the-art technology. Indeed, this research center conduct extensive investigations on the new technologies in paint and coating industry and the projects are being targeted depending on the market requirements following the need assessment of a project, the initial studies are carried out and technical information are completed. These are followed by tests design takes into account each and every factor, condition and application and the samples are produced in the paint laboratory. Finally the tests results are evaluated in terms of existing standards and the properties optimization takes place.

The center attaches a crucial importance to the design of paints and coating which are environment-friendly as per the latest limitations imposed on environmental issues. To this end, numerous projects are defined in such a manner to reduce to bare minimum. The use of solvents and other toxic compounds in the paint formula by taking advantages of innovative solutions. One of the innovations brought by our R&D department is the introduction of anti-fouling paints under the trademark Armanda which is based on acrylic resin activated by silica as active group. In these coatings a mechanism is devised which controls the rate of biocide release. The other innovative coatings are embodied by Ultima crust-remover silicon marine coating which is devoid of any biocide in contrast to other anti-fouling coating. The third project contemplates to use 100% solid PU coatings to protect the pipes against corrosion by eliminating the use of solvent altogether.

One of the most important questions posed to the protective and industrial paints is how long shall be extended the servicing period after the application of a specific coating system. To this end, our R&D department has drawn up performance data to estimate the guarantee period of our coating systems. Within the scope of this project, we subject the coating applied on the substrate to accelerated and periodic aging followed by spectroscopy, impedance, chemical, adhesion tests, etc and report the obtained results thereof.

In short, our objective in this research center is to develop new products geared to the customer’s requirements through state-of-the-art technology in paint and coating industries, reduction of environmental effects on the coatings, augmentation of stability period of the coating systems to ensure the long protection and to provide the customers with ingenious coating designs appropriate with their specific requirements.