Introduction to our New Products

Pars Pamchal Chemical Co. has paid a special attention to the upgrading and developing its products including paints, resins and other allied products by putting considerable stress on competitively in the various domestic and international levels and on meeting the market requirements. The R& D department of the company identifies the products to be developed on the basis of the existing requirements and conducts the technical and scientific studies to manufactures, in cooperation and interaction with the paint and resin laboratories, the products in question and carries out extensive and coordinated activities to enhance their properties and efficiency.
The various types of polyamidoamine hardeners which are designed and manufactured on the basis of the identified products are among the new items launched by our company. These hardeners are much sought after for the curing of epoxy coatings, owing their curing ability in the ambient temperature, appropriate toughness and negligible toxicity. The drying agents are other products designed by the R& D department of our company which are extensively used in the alkyd coatings.
Modified epoxy resin is a new product designed by R&D department. This resin can be deemed as a suitable substitute for epoxy resins thanks to its remarkable features such as high elasticity, enhanced adhesion and higher toughness and unlimited covering ability compared to the traditional epoxy resins.