Resin Sale Support & Engineering

Owing to the importance attached by Pars Pamchal Chemical Company on the customer-orientation, our Sales Engineering Department has, taken steps to assume the back-up of resin sale engineering and has done its best to provide the customers with the following services by taking advantage of its devoted exports:
1-Befor sale
- Initial Consultation to identify the aspects and feature the customer has in his mind
- Dispatch of specification sheet suggested by our company
- Dispatch of sample suggested by our company
- Providing consultation services to manufacture the appropriate resin
2-During sale
Our company dispatches to the customer inspection certificate along with every batch sent to him. This certificate includes:
- Resin’s general specifications (type and code the resin)
- Optimal consumption period
- Batch number
- Resin’s technical specifications (within the defined standard’s limits)
3- After sale:
Should any problem be encountered
-The batch number or inspection certificate number will easily make access to the resin’s identity card in the plant premises
- The customer is provided with required consultation and guidance critical formula, consumption percentage), to remove the problem
-A qualified expert will be sent to the customer’s premises if required